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  • Phoebe Penny Crenshaw

    1 review
    17 hours ago

    " Psychosomatic. The word that started it all!

    It all started with my then 11yo daughter suddenly couldn’t walk. This 3 year journey consisted of numerous doctors visits to pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, physiatrists, geneticists, physical therapists, radiologists and back again to a wonderful physiatrist named Dr. Batas. After my daughter’s muscle biopsy, he suggested the ‘Hip Whisperer.’ At first, I was very skeptical. But I was NOT accepting the ‘we don’t know what’s wrong. Let’s try this (insert procedure and/or doctor). ‘ AND I just wanted my daughter’s pain level to stop being an 8 out of ten and for her to stop taking pain medication. Hip whisperer, Whatever!

    Can you say that my daughter walks beautifully, is stronger especially when she is playing soccer, best posture that she has ever had, no pain meds, does the splits, she runs, she climbs, she lifts, she can sit up, she can do a crunch!

    But the most important thing to me: She smiles. She is so happy now. You don’t know how that makes me feel. All because of a man who went beyond the typical medical mindset and found something that effects so many in silence for so long.

    Dr. Ryan Whelton. The Hip Whisperer. He is amazing. Plus, My daughter thinks that he has a nice doggo."

  • "I have completed 3 out of my 5 weeks with Dr. Whelton and WOW! My amazing husband drove me an hour to see him because I saw his ad saying, if he couldn’t get you out of pain, he wouldn’t accept you as a patient. I said GAME ON! I’ve been fighting lower back pain, SI dysfunction for over a year. Tried traditional and non-traditional methods only receiving minimal relief that were only “bandaids”. No one could solve my issue much less diagnose. One doctor dismissed me so quickly I don’t think he even believed me. Dr. Whelton got me out of pain on my first visit! I couldn’t believe it and honestly still can’t! I’m so grateful for his personal attention, his philosophy of getting to the root cause so I’m not a patient forever and the knowledge he shares along the way! I will post again as an update at the end of my 5 weeks and then in 10 weeks. Do yourself a favor and give him a chance! If you’re in as much pain as I’ve been dealing with, what better way to spend $21 just to see...you won’t be disappointed!"

    Susan Nead Feldman
  • "For 31 years I have been seeing various chiropractors for pain as a result from a car wreck however with no permanent results. I saw Dr.Whelton's posts on fb and I was intrigued and kept him in the back of my mind. When I woke up one day with extreme pain and could hardly walk, I called them and they kindly squeezed me in and I walked out 30 minutes later almost 100% pain free. I knew that I needed consistent therapy to retrain the muscles etc to support my back & hips properly. I have come a long way with my therapy and I am almost 100%. After living in daily pain and with pins & needles in my back for many years I am now optimistic about not having to live the rest of my life like that and losing mobility as I age. Thank you Dr.Whelton!"

    Carolyn LaReau
  • "Physical Therapy can be a tough one with back pain, however being at the right place with the right person is extremely important. I have experienced PT in other centers, here in Florida and other states with disappointing results and frustration with mediocre treatment. This is not the case at Sport & Spine. Dr. Ryan Whelton is at true professional who cares greatly about his patients, achieving results and helping you to become pain free. Working with Dr. Whelton I was so relieved to be able to get in and out of the car without extreme pain, walk, sit and stand pain free. I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Sport & Spine PT & Wellness Center."

    Dennis Entwistle

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